Why does Rebecca Jabbar advertise in Cuckfield Life (video testimonial)

Watch Rebecca Jabbar giving a testimonial about why she advertises her specialist business marketing company in the community magazine for Cuckfield - Cuckfield Life (http://www.cuckfieldlife.co.uk). She mentions the copywriting, advert design and also the social media and presence on the Cuckfield website blog too. http://www.strategicmarcomms.com

Why is repeat advertising so important for your business?

By David Tingley, editor, Cuckfield Life magazine

One-off advertisements don't really work. I mean, sometimes they do, sure. But generally they don't! That's the reason why we recently stopped selling small, one-off placements in our family of three community magazines (Cuckfield Life, Lindfield Life & Hurst Life) - because feedback suggested that it wasn't good advice for our customers. 

Here is local marketing expert, Rebecca Jabbar (Strategic Marcomms), who explains what she thinks about why it makes good sense to advertise repeatedly...

What we want our customers doing is spending money on GOOD, EFFECTIVE advertising that gives them new customers consistently, so that THEIR BUSINESS GROWS and they tell lots of other businesses about how worthwhile it was ADVERTISING in our community magazines. 

That is our aim and that's just what we strive to do. Talk to us about advertising in Cuckfield Life today...