Bolnore dads take on 3 Peaks Challenge

By Ben Harris

The Three Peakers were James Brazier, Russell Cheverst, Jamie Grant, Ben Harris, James Sherrell, Nolan Sorrell and Andy Walton. We’re all Dads of kids at Bolnore Village Primary School, and one Grandad, David Grant, was ‘safe hands’ behind the wheel. 

Our trip started from the school gates at 9am on Friday 10th August. We headed straight to Snowdon and started the clock from Pen-y-Pass at 5.45pm. We finished Snowdon in 2 hours 50 minutes, much to David’s surprise.

Scafell Pikes was ascended in the dark, beginning at about 1.30am, just before the cloud descended for the tricky walk back down. Completed by the time the sun fully rose in 3 hours 20 minutes.

Then the long drive to Fort William for the final, highest and longest peak, Ben Nevis. We set off with 6.5 hours to go, with everyone getting to the summit within three hours and then the tired, crowded, never-ending last leg down to the finish line after 5 hours 20 minutes. 

The whole challenge, once David had driven 280 miles to the start of Snowdon and then taken us safely over the 470 miles between the Peaks, was completed in 23 hours 5 minutes!

We had amazing encouragement from our wives and families through all the preparations and especially during the challenge.

We have made over £1,000 so far, for Friends of Bolnore Primary School so far, with donations coming from within Bolnore Village, kind residents of Cuckfield, Friends of Falcon Health and Complete Electrical, and our amazing families! And... the fundraising page is still open:

Cuckfield Remembers - information about events November 2018


Plans for the Cuckfield community to join the rest of the nation in this commemoration are well advanced and you will see our own ‘TOMMY’ (pictured) as you journey around. A beacon will be lit on Whitemans Green on Sunday 11th November 2018 at 7pm, and full details will be provided in a Commemorative Programme of events that will be delivered with our next magazine. This will include the map of our Memorial Walk which will detail 35 locations where some of the 81 men who gave their lives lived.

Other November events to help us to come together to remember will be a dramatisation of Letters & Poems From the Front (1st and 3rd), a screening of the all important, original film All Quiet on The Western Front (2nd), The Royal British Legion Women’s Section Poppy Appeal Morning (Sat 3rd), a Community Concert (Sat 10th November 2018) and a Tea Dance (Sunday 11th). Tickets will be available for all of these events with details of how to apply in the Programme – look out for it

Be speed-aware in Cuckfield

 Speedwatch campaign in Cuckfield

By Jill Butler

Members of the Cuckfield group ran a Speedwatch session at Whitemans Green during the summer using a specially calibrated device from Sussex Police that is effective from up to half a mile distance away. 

We chose Whitemans Green because dog walkers and children have difficulty crossing the road to use the playing fields/skateboard park. As with the last time we ran a session here, about 10% were speeding and pedestrians thanked us for making drivers more aware of the limit.

Most drivers did slow down when they saw our hi-vis jackets, and we are happy about this because the aim is to educate drivers. We noted that drivers setting a good example successfully slowed up all the traffic behind them. So, keep it up Cuckfield residents!

The number of vehicles were counted in one hour was 296 and 28 cars were noted to be driving above 35mph. Their details have been logged on the Community Speedwatch site and Sussex Police will send letters to the drivers as well as checking their tax and insurance. 

We ran another session in August by the Rose and Crown pub and noted seven cars driving too fast. Sussex Police have since advised us that two of the cars we reported on our previous session didn’t have any tax.

We aim to pop up in various Police-approved sites around the village throughout the year. If you have one or two hours a month free and would like to join our group, please send an email to info@