Village People: Don Cranefield

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By Claire Cooper

When Don Cranefield moved to Cuckfield at the age of 82 he was looking forward to a quiet life.

He could certainly never have guessed that he would soon become one of Cuckfield’s best known residents, and not just in the village but across the world!

Don’s paintings of the village have been snapped up by both residents and visitors alike and now hang on walls as far away as Australia and the USA. At a time when most people would be happy to slow down, Don is busy taking commissions, perfecting new painting styles and producing prints of his most popular scenes.

“I came here to retire but I’ve never been busier,” said Don, who paints from a studio at his home in Chatfield Road. “It’s quite astonishing! When I came to Cuckfield I thought my painting days were coming to a close but this has given me a new lease of life!”

(see full story on page 12 of Feb/Mar 2013 issue)