Village Green by Helly Eaton

by Helly Eaton, Cuckfield Local

Let’s be positive. With spring a mere whisper away, it’s time to think about growth and future prosperity. No, not the economic kind – this is the grow-it-yourself (GIY) vegetable variety. You can’t beat the magic of picking your own produce and nothing, but nothing, tastes as good as fresh-picked veg. Consider how it will also save you money and help the environment (growing local produce uses no ‘food miles’), and you’ll see it’s a win win situation in every way.

If you already have a suitable garden or allotment, you’re a step ahead. But if you need more space to grow, how about getting involved in our community garden and allotments at Warden Park? Set up and organised by Cuckfield Local volunteers together with the school, it’s a great place that offers everyone a chance to get growing with like-hearted people happy to help and chat over tips and ideas. 

If you’d like your own space there are some allotment-sized plots currently available, or if you prefer you could join in the community space with others. It’s a beautiful spot with a pond, fruit trees, community composting and the opportunity to help school kids and others if you choose. To find out more, email Max Rickard at or phone him on 01444 459895. 

For more inspiration and practical help, don’t miss the Seeds Swap at March’s market (9th March, Talbot courtyard, 10am–1pm). Come to the Cuckfield Local stall and you’ll be able to exchange seeds (or just make a small donation) and take home favourite or unusual varieties of veggies and wild flowers to get you started. 

The monthly market continues to burst with buzz and enthusiasm. Run by Cuckfield Local volunteers, it’s been staunchly supporting local farmers and producers over the last couple of years, providing a wide choice of local foods while promoting the benefits of food metres instead of food miles. It’s another win win situation.

We also hope our new Waste Watch project I mentioned in the last issue of Cuckfield Life will soon start ‘growing’ with your help. We’re rethinking rubbish and what we’re actually able to recycle in our blue bins. Plastic waste and litter are a particular concern – our blue bin collector Viridor only recycles bottle-shaped plastics at their Ford recycling plant. That leaves literally thousands of other plastic items such as yogurt pots, margarine tubs etc having to go in our black bins and not being recycled.

We hope we can all try reducing our plastic waste wherever possible, and reuse and recycle as much as we can. All ideas welcome.

We’re now collecting plastic milk bottle lids (you can bring them to the Cuckfield Local stall at the market each month) to be recycled by a company on the south coast. Who knows, if we work together we might even make this another win win situation...

More info? Please email