Home transformations by Stylo Renovations

Jamie Wadman

Jamie Wadman

Jamie Wadman is no stranger to Mid Sussex, having lived here his whole life, being schooled at Hurst College and has worked on houses in and around Cuckfield with his company Stylo Renovations.

Although Jamie has run the business for the past six years, he’s been working for himself since 2007. 

After beginning his career twenty years ago labouring on building sites, he soon realised that he wanted to learn a specific trade and went to City College to complete an NVQ in carpentry. It was at this time that he began doing small projects for people when he wasn’t doing contracting work.

It’s not the outside air or being your own boss that gets him out of bed in the morning, it’s the creativity.

“I love standing back from a completed project and saying: ‘We did that’,” Jamie explained. “For many of our customers we are creating their dream home, and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to use my knowledge and skills to help them achieve this.”

We all know the stereotypes about builders but Jamie works hard to make sure they don’t apply to Stylo Renovations. “First and foremost,” he goes on, “we are in people’s homes and my team are always considerate of this fact.” Trust is an important element to the client:builder relationship and Jamie knows it. 

Jamie’s team is made up of a number of trusted colleagues who all understand his customer-focused ethos. One of them is his decorator (and brother) Sam, who has frequently been specifically requested by previous customers who knew not only the quality of his work but what it was like having him in their home.

Cuckfield customer Gareth Nelson explained: “We used Stylo Renovations for an extension of our home in Warden Court. We are extremely happy with the end result they have delivered for us. We knew exactly what was happening and when, which was a huge consideration for us as we were living in the property with a very young family.”

Stylo Renovations can take on a number of types of building project in your home. This includes new build properties, extensions, conversions of lofts and garages (see before/after photos, above) and house renovations. 

If trust is an important factor for choosing your builder, flexibility can be too. Jamie recalls a kitchen renovation recently in which the customer wanted a door blocked up. On doing so, they realised it had created a dark corner and Jamie suggested unblocking it and turning it into a large window! The work required a custom-made window to be manufactured, and the team worked round the waiting hole while fitting and finishing the rest of the kitchen. The new window arrived just in time, allowing them to leave the project completely finished.

Gareth continues: “The quality is amazing and the finish immaculate. The final renovations actually exceeded our hopes and expectations – please ask Jamie and I am sure he would be happy to show you around what they did for us.”

But there’s one more feather in Jamie’s building cap and that is communication. “Above all,” he says, “customers want to know you aren’t going to leave them high and dry and totally in the dark about what’s going on. I always make sure that the client knows what’s happening, before it’s happened!” And that is just one way in which Stylo Renovations challenges the sometimes bad reputations of the building trade.

The company is fully insured and Jamie is especially proud to be accredited by the WSCC Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme. This offers an ‘insurance-backed’ guarantee for all of its work. 

If you have a project which you’d like to ask Jamie to look at, call 01273 634846 today and he’ll be more than happy to talk to you about it.

To see more project profiles, see the website: www.stylorenovations.co.uk