Bolnore Village Primary School parents run for a life-saver

Bolnore Village Primary School wanted to have the safety of a life saving defibrillator on site and so asked the parents group – Friends of Bolnore Village Primary School (FOBVPS) if they could raise the funds.

Co-chair Amie Cheverst said: “We thought it was a great thing to get involved in direct fundraising for, and this time we felt we could appeal to the parents and community.”

Earlier in the month ten mums from the school competed in mud & obstacle events, crawling through the mud under barbed wire and wading through stench trenches up to our shoulders

The team event has so far raised £885! The fundraising is still open and all additional money is to go to first aid training for parents and carers and defib extras if we raise enough!

Amie commented: “We hope that no one at our school or community needs to use the defibrillator, but we can all feel better knowing that we will have this amazing life saving equipment in our school soon.”