What is an advertorial page in Cuckfield Life magazine?

Potential customers often ask us what is an advertorial?

Quite simply, an advertorial page is a page which is made up of a story and images and set just like all the other pages in the magazine (news, feature etc) but it is a page which has been paid for, and you can therefore 'sell from the page'. 

Businesses with great stories make great advertorials. For instance, a new business which has just opened on the High Street where they want tell the owners back story is ideal. Similarly an organisation that has more complicated services on offer, may find it easier to explain what they do with an advertorial. Another great opportunity for advertorials in our magazines is a business which is based in, or has a specific connection to, the community itself. This makes the story very much relevant to the readership and more or less guarantees it will be read by a keen audience who love the place they live.

Advertorials are a great way for businesses to start their advertising with us in our community magazines. It allows for a story to be told to their potential audience, and then follow it up with repeated and consistent messages and branding, in the form of standard advertising... 

Advertorial pages allow you to sell from the page

Standard Advertising

What we would refer to as standard advertising is traditional display advertising. A specifically designed advert with clearly defined edges which has been branded to match the company or person it is advertising. These are sold - in our magazines at least - in either quarter, half or full page slots. Plus we also sell the premium positions of Inside Front Cover and Outside Back Cover. 


Editorial content is all the other content which make up a magazine (news articles, features, what's on, competitions, write-ups, reviews etc). Editorial content is not paid for and does not normally promote a profit-making business. 

For advertorials in our community magazines we do limit the number per issue, in order to ensure that our readership doesn't feel like it is being sold to on every page. We think its right and proper that a magazine like ours should have plenty of community news and information, and this doesn't have a price tag attached to it. We just want to tell the stories of the village.