Cuckfield Village Show: Sat 7th Sept 2019

By Jill Butler, Vice Chair, Cuckfield Society

Cuckfield Village Show entry classes 2019

Roll up, roll up for the Cuckfield Society’s 14th Village Show at the Cuckfield Baptist Church ,which will be opened by our President Stephen Cockburn.

The village show (which starts at 2pm on Saturday 7th September) exhibits the work of local artists, bakers, dressmakers, photographers and gardeners. Any produce submitted for judging may be donated and auctioned off at the end of the show, so stand by for some interesting boxes of fruit, flowers, cakes, etc. at 4.20pm.

Local traders donated an excellent number of gifts for a silent auction. Amounts can be written on a slip next to an item and then anyone can top that bid by as little as 1p (including you). When bidding stops at 4pm, the last and highest bidder can buy the item.

This year sees a bumper selection of entertainment with two sets from David Spear No Strings Attached plus young musicians from Warden Park School including singer-songwriter Ellie Hagan and Holly Townsend with her band, plus musicians James and Jude from the Brighton-based music college BIMM. In addition, we have pony rides for children (hats/insurance included) and of course, the excellent home-made cakes from the WI, as well as ice creams. The Monday Group will be selling their bird boxes, bee houses, etc. and the NSPCC will be selling spring bulbs.

The Baptist Church sponsored sunflower competition judging is at 3pm. Cups are presented at 3.30pm. Show schedules are available from the Candy Store, Pet & Country Store at Whitemans Green, and the Co-ops.

Please do come along and support your local show. Monies raised go towards good local causes such as the Cuckfield Museum, Holy Trinity school books, Bookfest, Musicfest and the New England Wood Trust.

UPDATE: Show was a great success - see photo round up below…

Cuckfield Society Village Show 2018

The 13th Cuckfield Society Village Show will take place on Saturday 8th September 2018 at Cuckfield Baptist Church between 2pm - 5pm


Schedules containing rules and entry forms will be available from July 2018 at :-

Cuckfield Post Office and

Classes for VILLAGE SHOW....



1. 6 runner beans
2. Longest runner bean - 1st prize only
3. 6 French beans
4. 4 white potatoes
5. 4 coloured potatoes
6. Heaviest potato - 1st prize only
7. Heaviest pumpkin - 1st prize only
8. A pumpkin or squash not exceeding 45cm in size
9. 6 cherry tomatoes
10. 6 tomatoes (non cherry)
11. Most unusual selection of tomatoes (max 6)
12. Heaviest marrow - 1st prize only
13. 3 beetroot
14. 3 chillies
15. 5 onions from either seed or sets, under 250g (9oz) each
16. 3 onions from either seed or sets, over 250g (9oz) each
17. 6 shallots
18. A garlic plait
19. 3 leeks
20. An aubergine
21. A bowl of edible leaves - please list contents
22. Posy of mixed herbs judged for variety - list contents
23. Selection of home grown produce in a suitable container, not exceeding 55cm in any direction
24. Half a dozen eggs
25. 2 sweetcorn
26. 2 cucumbers
27. 3 courgettes, not exceeding 20cm long
28. 3 carrots
29. 3 parsnips
30. A bulb of fennel
31. A brassica
32. Your most spectacular vegetable
33. Most amusing vegetable (can enter on day)


34. 3 eating apples
35. 3 cooking apples
36. 5 stone fruit
37. Plate of soft fruit (15-20 items)
38. A plate of exotic fruit


39. 3 Dahlia blooms - pom pom/ball
40. 3 Dahlia blooms - any other variety
41. The single most fragrant rose
42. 5 roses
43. A posy of flowers
44. 3 hydrangeas
45. 3 gladioli


All exhibits maximum 60cm in any direction unless stated otherwise.

45. A floral arrangement, with any accessories, inspired by a nursery rhyme, not exceeding 45cm in any direction.
46. An arrangement in an egg cup.
47. “World Cup” a floral arrangement with any accessories not exceeding max 45cm in any direction.


48. The Katie Stewart Cup - Katie’s Lemon Tart - to recipe given in the schedule
49. A Victoria sponge
50. 3 sweet muffins
51. A piece of bread pudding
52. 3 Oat bars
53. 3 pieces of shortbread
54. 3 Chocolate brownies
55. Soda bread
56. A speciality loaf
57. 5 breadsticks
58. Home cooked crisps
59. 1 jar of chutney any recipe
60. 1 jar jam
61. 1 jar fruit jelly
62. 1 jar of any other preserve, sweet or savoury
63. 1 jar of pickled onions
64. 1 jar red pesto
65. 1 jar marmalade any flavour
66. 1 bottle homemade beer, wine or cider
67. 1 bottle homemade fruit spirit


68. An item made from recycled denim
69. A plaque made from salt dough
70. An item of embroidery no bigger than 60cm
71. A mosaic not exceeding 30cm in any direction
72. A knitted item of clothing
73. A toy - any medium
74. A handmade greetings card
75. A wrapped shoebox - judged for beauty


ART - maximum horizontal or vertical size (including frame) 60cm, framed or unframed.

76. A watercolour painting
77. An acrylic painting
78. An oil painting
79. Charcoal or pencil piece of art
80. A pastel picture

PHOTOGRAPHY - unmounted, max size 20cm. Black & White or colour unless specified. Printed on photographic paper.

81. “Humour”
82. “Leaves”
83. “Photo of a toy”
84. “Museum”
85. “The South Downs”


86. Colouring skills *
87. Pom pom garland
88. Banana teabread
89. Origami item


90. Colouring skills *
91. Write a story about a pet you would most like to own.
92. Rocky road refrigerator cake
93. Diorama


94. Colouring skills *
95. A vehicle made from recycling bin
96. Necklace made from sweets
97. Gruffalo den - made in a shoebox


98. Colouring skills *
99. Grow cress on a plate


100. A potato print flower
101. A decorated crown

* Download pictures from from July.

Cuckfield Village Show - photo round-up 2016

Cuckfield Village Show 2016

Despite a damp day, Cuckfield donned raincoats to head down to this year’s Village Show. They enjoyed the usual fantastic exhibits and got to see who had won what. Fortunately there was no #chutneygate as Jill Archer was not on hand to steal the prize from winner Sally Forth!

After 11 years, the committee feel it is time to pass the organisation on to fresh hands so are looking for fans of the show to step up. To make this a less daunting task, they have been looking at ways to simplify the process and have taken the decision to try a new venue, so the 2017 show will take place on Saturday 9th September at Cuckfield Baptist Church.

Jo Roche, one of the outgoing team, says: “Although we love the traditional feel of a marquee in the beautiful surroundings of Cuckfield Park, it is not without its challenges. Not only are we at the mercy of the weather, but the physical work of setting up & clearing away all the tents and running a kitchen in a field is quite a task. The Baptist Church offers the right amount of space and has great links to the outdoor areas so there will still be room for the band and other elements which we love.”

The committee need volunteers to come forward NOW so they can shadow them for a year to learn the ropes, ready to go it alone in 2018. Jo says: “sadly if we do not get anyone to work with us this year, the show will not be able to happen as we need to ensure a hand over is in place.”

If you can help please email jo @ The next meeting will be in November when next year’s classes will be chosen so it’s a great time to start.