Bolnore Cub Scouts - box kart race coming up

Bolnore Scouts in their box kart

Bolnore Scouts in their box kart

Bolnore Cub Pack will host a new event in the box kart circuit on Saturday 28th April. The West Sussex Masters (open) is a box kart race open to cub packs in the area. 

The race is limited to the first 16 Packs that apply, and the race will take place on a figure-of-eight track. 

The venue is Warden Park Academy in Cuckfield, and the event is sponsored by The Haywards Heath Lions and Dragon Events Services.

To enter please contact Loz Blay at boxkart@ or download an entry form from the group's website.

What is a box cart?

A typical soap-box cart is made of a wooden chassis and has four wheels, arranged as a fixed rear axle and a steerable front beam axle – usually with a very simple single central pivot. A seat is arranged at the back, and perhaps the seat area is enclosed, as in the original soap-box design. More sophisticated designs might employ a fully enclosed wooden body. The types of wheels employed vary according to what can be obtained easily – wheels from pushchairs, prams and discarded bicycles being common. Ready-made wheels are also available from hardware suppliers. Steering is typically actuated using a rope connected to the ends of the steerable beam.