Warden Park's new school head teacher says Hi on YouTube

Welcome video by Mr Dominic Kenrick, new Headteacher of Warden Park Secondary Academy from September 2017

Warden Park Academy’s new head teacher, Dominic Kenrick, has made a video to introduce himself to pupils and parents before he takes up his role in September.

Kenrick, who lives in Haywards Heath, is promising to set the bar extremely high in all aspects of schooling and to continue the “World Class” approach that the school has demanded of itself.

He said: “The relationships between students, teachers and parents is fundamental in achieving this success and by working together we can ensure that students at Warden Park make outstanding progress and leave as well-qualified, mature young people.

“My expectations of the students in terms of their achievement and behaviour are very high – I expect all students to be ambassadors of the school, to wear their uniform with pride and to display the highest standards of personal conduct.

“The values of the school should underpin the values of the community as a whole. Great communities are based on care and kindness, those are vital.”

He believes empowerment is the way to get the best out of students. “Education is a transformer and empowerment is the absolute priority,” he said. “Students who are empowered personally, socially and academically to go on and make the very best of their lives and be absolutely fulfilled in all that they do. A great academic outcome will be the ticket for students to move on in their learning.”