Help for heart patients in Cuckfield

Bounceback classes take place weekly in Cuckfield, West Sussex

Bounceback classes take place weekly in Cuckfield, West Sussex

Heart patients are bouncing back to health after enrolling on a new exercise class and support group at Cuckfield Baptist Church Hall.

Designed to help patients gain fitness, strength and confidence and return to a normal life following major illness, the Bounceback classes are an extension to the six week GP referral scheme.

Although initially for heart patients, the classes have evolved and are now suitable for people with many different health problems. Members also include partners of patients and those at risk of heart problems wanting to take preventative action.

“We have members with Parkinsons, with diabetes, arthritis and other health problems,” said instructor Freddie Jones. “The beauty of this class is that everyone has their own programme, specifically designed for them, and works at their own level. There are massive differences in members’ abilities but everyone can workout together and motivate each other.”

For Cuckfield’s Steve Jennings, the classes have played an important part in his recovery after a brush with death in 2008.

“I suffered major heart failure and was given just days to live,” Steve recalled. “I went home to die, but refused to give up!” Nine years later Steve enjoys attending the weekly classes, safe in the knowledge that the instructors are aware of his medical history and are qualified to devise an exercise programme tailored to his needs. “I feel so much better for it,” said Steve. “The support from the instructors and other members is wonderful.”

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