Cuckfield Preschool Playgroup celebrate 'outstanding' Ofsted inspection

Cuckfield Preschool

By Becca Chatterton, Chair

Despite the recent lack of suitable summer weather, the sun managed to peep out from behind the clouds for a couple of hours on Sunday 26th June to join us in celebrating the ‘outstanding’ Ofsted inspection for Cuckfield Preschool Playgroup.

Staff, committee, parents and children enjoyed the Cream Tea Party with outdoor games, scones, cake and the odd glass of fizz. We were also delighted to welcome Parish Council Chairman Nigel Page to the event, which was planned immaculately and at relatively short notice by Angela Wade (Vice Treasurer), Liz Thurlwell (outgoing Secretary) and Leigh McKay (incoming Secretary) and a lovely afternoon was had by all. From the contributions of food and drink, including a splendid cake crafted by a friend of Sarah Moss (Treasurer), to the final clear up the sense of teamwork shone through as always. Sarah Paterson (Manager) was presented with gifts by the committee to commemorate the third ‘outstanding’ inspection in succession.

Although many of us have children moving on to big school in September, we will remember the positive impact the enthusiasm of this outstanding team has had on our little ones. Does anyone have a tissue, please?