Why it's important to advertise your business repeatedly and consistently

Marketing your business, whatever it sells or service it provides, is the most important aspect of running that business. 

You want your business to grow, right?

There are many great reasons why advertising your business regularly makes better sense for your business. One bit of research in the US found that respondents to a long-running ad campaign said that they trusted the company more just because it was always visible and advertising in the same place; 'They (the company) must be good' they (the potential customer) thought.

Of course we also know that you need to be in the right place at the right time, for someone to WANT to know about your product or services at the moment that they actually NEED them. Advertising in our local magazines EVERY MONTH means that you will be well known, when the need comes around.

Here are a few videos which give insight into the power of successful repeating advertising: