Caroline starting pup pampering business - Fernie's Choice

Cuckfield resident Caroline Denholm is starting a new business later this month. Caroline, who has lived in the village for 17 years, has decided to ditch her sales career in the ski travel industry in order to pursue her own dream. “

After getting our Tibetan Terrier in 2014, I loved buying things for her but couldn’t believe how difficult itas to get well made quality pet products,” Caroline explained. “It is relatively easy to get the mass brand products, but these never seem to last very long and can be quite bland.”

Fernie’s Choice is a luxury online dog boutique business which will have a carefully selected product range with a ‘classic country feel’. The website will launch on 29th March but Caroline is also looking forward to being part of The Pop Up Boutique at The Talbot, where her store is expected to be open during May.

After the website’s ‘go live’ date Fernie’s Choice web address will be