Village People - Cameron Bennett

Digital cameras, iPhones and endless new technology have made it simple for us to capture family images and special moments. But in the midst of the photo shopping, digital enhancing and airbrushing, the traditional portrait never goes out of fashion and remains the number one choice for families looking for something really special. And that’s good news for artist, portrait painter and Cuckfield resident Cameron Bennett….


By Claire Cooper

Cameron, who lives in Glebe Road, has painted portraits which hang in libraries, colleges, law firms and homes all over the USA and England. But he’s just as happy illustrating children’s books, creating a caricature, or sketching the contented face of his sleeping daughter.

Born in Brooklyn in New York, Cameron began to paint from an early age, encouraged by his parents who were both portrait artists. “I had lots of support and was always encouraged to further my interest in the arts,” he said. This included getting him into the renowned Baltimore School for the Arts, where his classmates included famous rapper Tupac Shakur and actress Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith. He went on to gain a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and a Master of Fine Art degree from Lesley University.

Cameron met and married his English-born wife Kim in the US and the pair made plans to settle in Cornwall. “My wife’s family is from Guildford but it was always our dream to live in Cornwall,” said Cameron. The dream became reality when the couple moved to the West Country in 2012. “Unfortunately we couldn’t find enough work and it soon became clear that we needed to be nearer to London,” said Cameron.

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