Mayor's election - Cuckfield goes ‘en fete’ as Rob becomes Mayor

By Kate Fleming

Not many villages devote a whole weekend to fundraising, celebration, spectacle and thanksgiving, but Cuckfield does! The White Hart started the three days by hosting The Independent State of Cuckfield’s Mayoral Election on the evening of Friday 17th October. A large white silky marquee had been erected over the car park to accommodate this unique election and provided an ideal setting for the occasion. The purpose of this election is to raise as much money as possible for the village; the candidate with the largest amount is the winner. It was an exciting, lively evening with the marquee bursting with music and laughter from the supporters and friends of the aspiring mayors. After a closely fought contest, Rob Helliwell, landlord of The Wheatsheaf public house in Broad Street, having raised an impressive £4,080 won the coveted ermine trimmed triangular hat along with the red velvet robes and was proclaimed Mayor. Overall, with significant contributions from the other candidates, there will be a substantial £6,292 to distribute to local charities and organisations.

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