Village People: Jane Haughton

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By Claire Cooper

From the Military Wives to the postal workers of Bristol, thousands of people across the country are experiencing the joy of singing together and many describe joining a choir as the best decision they ever made.

Now professional singer and Cuckfield mum Jane Haughton is spreading the joy in Sussex as she brings communities together to sing.

Jane is probably best known in the village for founding the popular ‘Singing Allsorts’ but few know that Jane has also been involved with choirs for people from all walks of life, including inmates from Wandsworth prison.

“That was one of the jobs I have most enjoyed and found hardest to leave when we moved from London down to Sussex,” said Jane. “It was extremely rewarding and I would love to do it again – in fact perhaps Lewes Prison needs a choir!”

Jane’s passion for music began when she was a child. “I went to a school where everyone was encouraged to sing or play an instrument and I learnt the piano and violin,” said Jane, who went on to Trinity College to train as a piano teacher. 

“I was actually more interested in singing but was advised to wait until my voice had developed, so I decided to study languages, moved to Italy and stayed for five years.”

While in Milan, Jane took singing lessons and tried to give up because: ‘I didn’t think I had what it takes to become a professional singer.’

read the full story on page 16 of Mar/Apr 2013 issue of Cuckfield Life.