Scout Leader Mike Schlup elected Mayor

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Last month the village came out in force to celebrate local charity and community spirit with the 2013 Mayoral Election. Mike Schlup emerged victorious after receiving a staggering votes total of more than one million. Mike’s campaign strapline - Honesty, Integrity, Bribery – tells of the fun spirit of the tongue-in-cheek election process. Kate Fleming was amongst the celebrations....

By Kate Fleming

The Independent State of Cuckfield chose The Rose and Crown pub on Friday 18th October in which to start a weekend devoted to the election of their new mayor. 

It was a busy, exciting evening, the pub bursting with supporters and friends of the aspiring mayors. Great hospitality from the host pub, lively music and an unexpected bagpiper delighting us with Amazing Grace and Scotland the Brave, all contributed to the charged atmosphere. Each contestant endeavoured to gain votes by sharing with the saloon audience the secrets of their respective, or disrespectful, fundraising campaigns. 

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