Lindy's landslide victory - Cuckfield Mayoral Elections 2012

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New  Mayor of the Independent State of Cuckfield Lindy Elphick was singing the praises of her supporters after her carefully orchestrated campaign secured her a landslide victory in the annual election last month.

Representing the Singing Allsorts, Lindy swept aside the opposition pulling in more than 80,000 votes and raising more than £8,000 for charity.

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Election results:

Lindy Elphick £8289.78 (Singing Allsorts) 

David Spear £1515.51 (The Talbot)

Leanne Knapman £1146.08 (Holy Trinity Primary School) 

Jeremy Crampton £143.32 (The White Harte) 

Vicky Parke, outgoing Mayor £60.40 (The Ship)