Railway Path closure, off Bolnore

By Elaine Goodwin

The Railway Path (path 2 on the map shown) from the Bridleway to the Brooklands/Highbanks junction at Pierces Wood has been closed due to Network Rail drainage works. The works involve constructing a new drainage tunnel along the west side of the railway within the Ashenground Woods area, in order to stop the flooding of the track which occurs in heavy rainfall.

The main access route to the site is via Ashenground Bridge which will remain open during the works but for safety reasons will be temporarily closed to the public when deliveries arrive. Work is being carried out on site daily between the hours of 7am and 7pm. During the eight day railway line closure, between Saturday 16th and Saturday 23rd February, the works will be carried out 24 hours a day.

As part of the works a number of trees have been removed on the South Railway Shaw (marked as 10 on the map). The trees will be replaced with saplings after works are completed in June 2019.

Contact Network Rail with any questions or concerns on their 24-hour National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

New children’s shop opens in Cuckfield

PJ and the hare - Sue Monroe

PJ and the hare - Sue Monroe

P.J. and the Hare opened its doors in Cuckfield last month and is already proving to be a hit with local residents.

The little shop is run by Cuckfield resident Sue Monroe and is filled with children’s clothes, gifts and a range of beautiful books.

Sue, who used to work as a children’s television presenter and is now a published author, had always dreamt of having her own children’s bookshop.

Sue explains: “P.J. and the Hare used to be attached to a shop in Burgess Hill. I was there for a year or so and then, by chance, the opportunity of this little place came up and it was just too good to pass!”

The inspiration for the name of Sue’s shop comes from the characters in the books that she has penned – The Moon Hare series.

As well as books, P.J. and the Hare also sells a quirky range of organic children’s clothes from independent British brands such as Blade & Rose, Kite and Piccalilly.

Sue is excited about the prospect of life as a High Street trader in the village: “Cuckfield is such a friendly village and the response from people since opening has been very positive. I think over time the shop will evolve into something quite special. I already have lots of plans in place.”

P.J. and the Hare is open in The Old Post Office, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4.30pm.

February's double bill of drama in Cuckfield


Cuckfield Dramatic Society is staging two plays in a thrilling double bill performance later this month – The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan and Dirty Business by Derek Webb.

Directed by Emma Gosling, The Browning Version, often considered to be Rattigan’s finest masterpiece, tells the story of a British schoolmaster, a faithless wife and a faculty that has long disdained him.

Due to poor health Andrew is forced to retire from teaching. His wife despises him for his failures and finds consolation in Frank, a younger teacher.

She openly taunts Andrew while Frank watches with shame and disgust. The wife knows she has lost Frank but even more bitter is the realisation that he is now Andrew’s best friend.

Directed by Lesley Jenks, Dirty Business is a topical comedy about council cuts and the cleaning business.

Cuts are on their way big time at the local County Council as it struggles to find ways to meet Government spending targets. Josie and Angela are cleaning the office of one of the Council’s Department Heads one evening when they come across a file which seems to show that their jobs are on the line too. Josie, who has a penchant for malapropisms, and Angela, who is Queen of the pub quiz team, are determined to fight the cuts every inch of the way. And if that means playing dirty, so be it!

Performances will be held at the Queen’s Hall from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd February.

For more information and tickets visit: www.cdsweb.co.uk or buy tickets locally from Marcus Grimes on the High Street.