Bolnore residents new roles on Haywards Heath Town Council


Bolnore resident Alastair McPherson has been elected Mayor of Haywards Heath, alongside fellow councillor and Bolnore resident Matt Jeffers who has become the new Deputy Mayor.

Alastair, who has been Deputy Mayor of Haywards Heath for the last two years, played a pivotal role in the initial stages of Bolnore Village Primary School, working as a member of the Bolnore School Group. He was also the driving force behind the building of the Woodside Community Centre and for setting up the Bolnore Village Community Partnership (BVCP) Charity, the group that he now Chairs which runs the Woodside.

Alastair said he is looking forward to an ‘exciting’ role as mayor for Haywards Heath. He commented: “It is a great honour to be elected as Town Mayor and I am looking forward to the good work we can achieve together as a community. My mantra has always been ‘you cannot complain, if you don’t get involved’.

I am already involved in many community groups in the town and am looking forward to working with all the businesses, residents and community groups in Haywards Heath to see how we can pull together to create the future of our town.”