It's time to pick your new Cuckfield Mayor

By Mike Schlup

With election night rapidly approaching we bring you a rundown on this year’s candidates for the 2018 Independent State of Cuckfield Mayor’s election.

Leanne Knapman - This will be the 14th year that Leanne has stood for Mayor, and over the years she has raised more funds for the community than any other candidate. Leanne comes from a famous line of Cuckfield Mayors with both of her parents having successfully campaigned in previous years. Leanne is passionate about supporting the local community and helps to organise many events during the year including the Cuckoo Fayre.

James Clark is a familiar face to anyone visiting the Rose & Crown where he works as a kitchen porter. James has strong links to Cuckfield through his family although he spent many years studying gravity on the ski slopes of North America. James’ campaign slogan is ‘Make Cuckfield Great Again’ and, if elected, he has promised to build a great wall between Cuckfield and Burgess Hill, which Burgess Hill will have to pay for.

Edward Hill is a relatively recent addition to Cuckfield’s growing population and is the manager of the Talbot in the High Street. Edward’s campaign message is: ‘All states are independent but some are more independent than others’. On a personal note Edward admits that he has always wanted to run a tyrannical dictatorship.

Paul Leppard is a long time Cuckfield resident who has campaigned in the election for several years but so far unsuccessfully. His message is very simple: Vote for somebody rather than nobody, as the money goes to very worthy causes.

So, if you want to make a difference you can vote at any of the pubs or join in the fun on election night which takes place on Friday 19th October from 8pm at the White Harte. Remember to bring your pennies and pounds. The winning Mayor will then parade through Cuckfield on Saturday 20th October. The procession starts at 2.30pm from Warden Park school arriving around one hour later at the High Street where the Mayor will be presented with the keys to the village. It’s a fantastic event which includes music and entertainment for the children.