Quick Questions about Cuckfield Mayoral Election - 21st October 2016

Friday 21st October - 8pm - The Talbot, Cuckfield - Election Night fun

Saturday 22nd October - 2pm - Procession leaves Warden Park School, going through the village

Sunday 23rd October - 9.45am - Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield - Village Service

1) How do I vote?

Each of the candidates is tasked to fundraise. Either go to an event which they are holding or turn up to The Talbot on the night and put your money in the respective candidates money tin! Remember the elected Mayor is the candidate who raises the most money for The Independent State of Cuckfield.

2) What does the Mayor do?

Well, whilst it’s not an official position of public office, the Mayor of Cuckfield enjoys a level of stardom for the year - not least opening the Cuckoo Fayre and Bonfire, amongst a host of other ‘official’ duties. Our monthly Mayor’s column gives you a pretty good idea.

3) What is on on the Saturday 22nd October?

The Mayor’s Procession is a regular part of the election process in Cuckfield. The elected Mayor will parade at the front of the procession, which starts at Warden Park school and travels all around the village, ending up at The Talbot - where the previous Mayor hands over the ‘keys’ of the village (and usually enjoys a pint!). The procession usually leaves at 2pm and finds its way back to The Talbot at 3pm - where there’s a children’s entertainer to excite the younger members of the crowd!

Who are the candidates?

Ken Gregory

Doreen Gregory

Simon Bourk

Matt Buck

Dave Edwards

Heather Gover

Leanne Knapman

Nicky Lawrence

Jo Murphy

Ted Murphy

Annie Rees

Dean Harding

Mike Schlup

Nick Rowe

Luke Bohanna

Paul Moores

Lee Sadler

Carol Grant

Mark Grant

Michael Maine

Roy Candfield

Jimmy Stakim

Sue Selby

Liz Woods

Richard Woods

Jane Swain

Tina Heath

Gareth Knapman

Tina Blackburn

Wilf Knighton

Chris Bunning

Jan Atkinson

Gary Atkinson

Steve O-P

Andrew Leask

Chris Woods

Claire Woods

Vicky Parke

Michael (Mudge) Smith

Jordan Lee

Ross Bradshaw

Sherly Mcdonald

Malcolm Charman

Rob McPhilemy

Darren Woodford

Evelyn Stenning

Harriet Sheldon

Paul Leppard

David Birch

Alan Walker