10th anniversary bunting

Nimble fingered residents have responded to an appeal to help create unique new bunting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Cuckfield Show.
     Several pennants have already been dropped off at Sussex Crafts in the High Street, where Philip and Seb will be putting together the commemorative bunting to adorn the main marquee.
     “It’s a big marquee so we need lots of pennants,” said Philip. “All you need to do is make a triangular pennant (approx. A4 size) in any fabric you want. It could be patchwork or a pattern or design that is relevant to you.”
     He added that many villagers have already taken up  the challenge and the bunting is beginning to grow! “We had one featuring fruit and veg and another covered in bugs!” said Philip. “I found some liquorice allsorts fabric and have made a pennant for the Singing Allsorts and one of our customers found some featuring sewing equipment us to make a Sussex Crafts pennant.”
     “The bunting will make its debut at the Village Show in September but will also be used for other village occasions,” added Philip.
     For advice and information on creating your pennant call into Sussex Crafts, or visit cuckfield.org to download a template.

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