Cuckfield Life copy dates for 2017

We have changed the way we run our weeks here at Cuckfield Life - which means that our copy dates are no longer based on the date of the month (it used to always be 28th), but on a time IN the month. 

Copy dates (when we close the door for advertisers artwork and articles to be submitted for publication) will now be the 4th Tuesday* of each month. 

Distribution will also now be treated the same, and it will regularly be delivered to homes and businesses on the 2nd Tuesday* of each month. 

We anticipate that this consistency will help us from a production perspective, but will also help those who send various copy in to us to think of Tuesdays as key dates in the month. 

Dates for 2017 are as follows: 

Feb - Copy date: Tue 24 Jan - Distribution: Tue 7 Feb
Mar - Copy date: Tue 28 Feb - Distribution: Tue 14 Mar
Apr - Copy date: Tue 28 Mar - Distribution: Tue 11 Apr
May - Copy date: Tue 25 Apr - Distribution: Tue 9 May
Jun - Copy date: Tue 23 May - Distribution: Tue 6 Jun
Jul - Copy date: Tue 27 Jun - Distribution: Tue 11 Jul
Aug - Copy date: Tue 25 Jul - Distribution: Tue 8 Aug
Sept - Copy date: Tue 29 Aug - Distribution: Tue 12 Sep   **AMENDED**
Oct - Copy date: Tue 26 Sep - Distribution: Tue 10 Oct
Nov - Copy date: Tue 31 Oct - Distribution: Tue 14 Nov   **AMENDED**
Dec - Copy date: Tue 28 Nov - Distribution: Tue 12 Dec
Jan 2018 - Copy date: Tue 2 Jan - Distribution: Tue 16 Jan  **AMENDED**

* Please note there is some variation on this rule, depending on number of days in the month.

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