Cuckfield Life copy dates for 2017

We have changed the way we run our weeks here at Cuckfield Life - which means that our copy dates are no longer based on the date of the month (it used to always be 28th), but on a time IN the month. 

Copy dates (when we close the door for advertisers artwork and articles to be submitted for publication) will now be the 4th Tuesday* of each month. 

Distribution will also now be treated the same, and it will regularly be delivered to homes and businesses on the 2nd Tuesday* of each month. 

We anticipate that this consistency will help us from a production perspective, but will also help those who send various copy in to us to think of Tuesdays as key dates in the month. 

Dates for 2017 are as follows: 

Feb - Copy date: Tue 24 Jan - Distribution: Tue 7 Feb
Mar - Copy date: Tue 28 Feb - Distribution: Tue 14 Mar
Apr - Copy date: Tue 28 Mar - Distribution: Tue 11 Apr
May - Copy date: Tue 25 Apr - Distribution: Tue 9 May
Jun - Copy date: Tue 23 May - Distribution: Tue 6 Jun
Jul - Copy date: Tue 27 Jun - Distribution: Tue 11 Jul
Aug - Copy date: Tue 25 Jul - Distribution: Tue 8 Aug
Sept - Copy date: Tue 29 Aug - Distribution: Tue 12 Sep   **AMENDED**
Oct - Copy date: Tue 26 Sep - Distribution: Tue 10 Oct
Nov - Copy date: Tue 31 Oct - Distribution: Tue 14 Nov   **AMENDED**
Dec - Copy date: Tue 28 Nov - Distribution: Tue 12 Dec
Jan 2018 - Copy date: Tue 2 Jan - Distribution: Tue 16 Jan  **AMENDED**

* Please note there is some variation on this rule, depending on number of days in the month.

For dates for 2018 - see this post ...

Our sister magazines also have listed copy dates for the year: Lindfield Life & Hurst Life

How we made our Kipper Christmas Card...

Kipper Christmas card

We always like to send our customers and raving fans a little card to say how much we appreciate their support throughout the year. Christmas is a fantastic time to say this.

And so, we start to think about what our card will look like in October. 

This is how we did it...

Wrapping paper by Willis & Co, Cuckfield. Ribbon by Waitrose. Decorated Christmas Tree supplied by Harvester in Haywards Heath. Print by Swan Press. Chief present-wrapper: Emily Billson. Chocolate-eater: David Tingley. 

Happy Christmas one and all...

Cuckfield Christmas Street Festival - Fri 8th December 2017

Cuckfield Christmas Street Festival 2017

Cuckfield Christmas Street Festival is a popular event in the village that attracts hundreds of visitors each year who enjoy the true spirit of Christmas, coming together and having fun.

The event on Friday 8th December, starting at 6pm, is organised by Cuckfield Parish Council for the community and coincides with the opening of Holy Trinity’s Christmas Tree Festival. Cuckfield High Street will be closed to traffic for the event and will be managed by marshals, the event finishes at 8pm and the road reopens at 8.30pm.

The High Street is lined with stalls, shops are open and festive music from Mid Downs Radio fills the air. 

There will be street entertainment and carols sung by Cuckfield Baptist Church. Evolution Brass Band kick off proceedings with Christmas cheer followed by the opening address of our newly-elected Mayor, Evelyn Stenning. The craft fair will be located in the Old School next to Holy Trinity Church.

This is also a time for our children to join in and there will be a fancy dress competition. Father Christmas will be there, in his grotto, near the Talbot.